transmission repair

ajacks transmission repair

A-Jack Auto Repair knows how to fix transmission problems right. Our  ASE certified mechanics will diagnose the situation and help you make the best decision.

Automatic Transmission
Our Automatic transmission repair is top notch. You should have any automatic transmission issues properly assessed by experts . Call 856.728.2000 to talk to the mechanics at A-Jacks Auto Repair about your transmission problems.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission
A four-wheel (4x4) drive vehicle has differential gears, both front and rear axles, and a transfer case attached to the transmission. Four-wheel drive vehicles demand maintenance on the transfer case, front differentials, rear differentials, and transmission fluids.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission
If your vehicle has Front-wheel drive, and you are in need A-Jacks Auto Repair can help. One of our specialties, repair front-wheel drive transmission in most vehicles.

Manual Transmission
Driving a car or truck with a Manual Transmission? Typically manual transmissions require less maintenance then automatic transmissions. And at A-Jack Auto Repair our specialist will diagnose your vehicle and then recommend the transmission repair or transmission service you need to ensure safety and improve the lifetime of your vehicle.

There are clutches in both automatic and manual transmission cars, and many different types of clutches. If your clutch begins slipping irregularly or is making noises that are raising suspicion, contact A-Jacks Auto Repair to see if clutch replacement is necessary.

At A-Jacks Auto Repair and Towing

we also have ASE certified mechanic that are specialist in Transmission diagnostics, repair, and re-build.  We have access to the most up to date computer diagnostic equipment and repair databases so you can be sure that your vehicle is fixed right.

If you are experiencing problems with your clutch, shifter, or transmission, don't wait for a minor issue to turn into a major repair.  Let our expert technicians diagnose the problem and get you repaired and back on the road.
We perform all types of repair on manual (or standard) transmissions including the entire drive train.
In a "stick-shift" or manual transmission, the clutch uses friction to transfer the power from the engine to the gear box and on to the rest of the drive train.  Your style of driving and shifting will influence how long your clutch will last.  Whatever your driving experience or style, we can help you keep your transmission in good repair.
Some services we perform for manual transmissions include
  • Clutch Repair or Replacement
  • Grinding Gears
  • Complete system diagnostics
  • Manual Transmission Rebuild
  • Gear oil flush and replace
  • Leak repair
  • Clutch linkage and cylinder repair

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