ajacks flatbed towing

If you break down and need to be towed, a flatbed towing truck can provide greater peace of mind that your vehicle will not sustain wear and tear while getting towed to safety. With A-Jack’s, you can request a flat bed tow for your vehicle 24/7, to better protect a vintage car, heavy-duty car, performance car or truck.

Heavy-Duty Rollback


Many tow truck providers use both a dolly and a flat bed tow truck. The former is inexpensive and agile, so providers often favor it when they need to get a motorist stranded on the highway shoulder. Unfortunately, dolly trucks pass wear and tear on to the car attached. If the tow truck driver goes over a pothole, your vehicle could get out of alignment.
Flat bed tow trucks safely and securely tow vehicles. As such, they are the best choice when you have a special car, vintage car, SUV or truck.

Medium-Duty Rollback

Medium-Duty Rollback

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