A-Jacks Auto Repair specializes in most types of auto repairs and car maintenance



We are ASE certified. We have state of the art equipment to test your vehicle. We accept major credit cards. A-Jacks Auto Repair is located Williamstown, New Jersey and is the leading automotive center in South Jersey. We have been in business for over 25 years. We specialize in alignments, complete engine repair, brakes, check engine light, oil changes and much more!

Auto air conditioning repair
At A-Jacks Auto Repair, our ASE certified master technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system and provide a complete analysis of the current conditions and the estimated repair cost, whether it’s a simple A/C recharge or a new air conditioning compressor.


Brake service
At A-Jacks Auto Repair, we want our South Jersey customers to feel safe and comfortable in their vehicle. Leave your break repair and services to our professionals. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions about why a service is needed or how it has occurred. Give us a call at 856.728.2000, and we will be happy to speak with you.


Oil change
A-Jacks full-service oil change provides you with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being serviced in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s service recommendations.


Transmission repair
Our Automatic transmission repair is top notch. You should have any automatic transmission issues properly assessed by experts . Call 856.728.2000 to talk to the mechanics at A-Jacks Auto Repair about your transmission problems.


Fuel Efficiency Service
Change engine oil, using the recommended grade of motor oil Check and change your air filter Inspect and, if necessary, replace a clogged fuel filter Adjust tire pressure to manufacturer-recommended specs Inspect/clean the intake system Inspect/replace emissions components and/or a faulty oxygen sensor Inspect brakes for proper adjustment Inspect power steering system and perform a steering alignment, if necessary


Transmisission Service
At A-jacks our complete transmission service includes: • removing and examining the sump or pan (where possible) • replacing or cleaning the screen or filter • cleaning the pan • reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket • pumping out the rest of the old fluid and replacing it with new, high quality ATF • adding a friction modifier or additive package (model specific)


• Batteries
• Belts
• Hoses
• Power Steering
• Fuel Injectors

• Steering
• Alignment
• Suspension
• Alternator
• Wheel Alignment

• Electrical
• Fault codes
• Warning Lights
• Fuel Filter
• Starter

• Water pump
• Oil Leaks
• Safety check
• Air Filter
• Shocks/Struts

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